Περιγραφή: Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and
Παίχθηκε: 165
Περιγραφή: Use the fan to make the balloon float and fly the dog to safety away from hazards.
Παίχθηκε: 191
Περιγραφή: A collection of several small games with green/black graphic
Παίχθηκε: 236
Περιγραφή: Fly your balloon all around Australian cities, collect shrimp and land properly without crashing.
Παίχθηκε: 172
Περιγραφή: A 6x6 memory game
Παίχθηκε: 190
Περιγραφή: Beam up your own alien friends but avoid beaming up chickens or cows which could affect you.
Παίχθηκε: 210
Περιγραφή: This is the normal reversi game. However, the graphic is 3D which make it unique
Παίχθηκε: 224
Περιγραφή: Click on the eggs to hatch the monsters
Παίχθηκε: 206
Περιγραφή: Help Daffy the Duck make a good landing on the platform, watch the pants to check for wind.
Παίχθηκε: 197
Περιγραφή: Drill as deep as possible in search for treasure and fame
Παίχθηκε: 232
Περιγραφή: Run with your spider and shoot down the bugs that are trying to steal your trees.
Παίχθηκε: 191
Περιγραφή: Clone of the popular classic tile based Shanghai
Παίχθηκε: 227
Περιγραφή: Collect the gold rings that pop up on the level and avoid the sword wielding deadly ringwraiths.
Παίχθηκε: 205
Περιγραφή: The objective of this game is to quickly align 3 or more of objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with your mouse.
Παίχθηκε: 223
Περιγραφή: Choose the angle and power carefully to land safely. Bonus score with combos
Παίχθηκε: 157
Περιγραφή: Come and play the classic game of battleships1. Select a ship. 2.Use keyboard arrow keys to turn your ship levt and right. 3.Select a position on the game board to deploy your selected shi
Παίχθηκε: 202
Περιγραφή: Collect the envelopes from distant areas using the post office hang glider.
Παίχθηκε: 174
Περιγραφή: Use the 3 available magnets i.e. regular, electro and polarity magnets to get the ball from the machine hand to the cup.
Παίχθηκε: 163
Περιγραφή: Fly through a cave in a broken, smoking helicopter. Don't crash into the walls.
Παίχθηκε: 201
Περιγραφή: A Siman Say clone with nice graphic
Παίχθηκε: 146
Περιγραφή: Bounce around the neighbourhood, screaming at kids to scare them and pick up their bags of treats.
Παίχθηκε: 201
Περιγραφή: Jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces - there is a nice animation if you complete the jigsaw
Παίχθηκε: 202
Περιγραφή: Fly over the grasslands as a bird, drop bones on the stones to break them and gain points.
Παίχθηκε: 192
Περιγραφή: Control the traffic lights to let the cars through the intersections.
Παίχθηκε: 235
Περιγραφή: Use the hippo to collect the scattered bombs, press space to make them extend and eat it like Hungry
Παίχθηκε: 147
Περιγραφή: Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center
Παίχθηκε: 246
Περιγραφή: Rescue the stranded escape pods that have been lost within the alien planet's strange caves.
Παίχθηκε: 179
Περιγραφή: Click on bubbles to make them explode and change the neighbouring bubbles.
Παίχθηκε: 178
Περιγραφή: Fujin train Sinjid to fight the Fallen Army
Παίχθηκε: 202
Περιγραφή: Classic pacman game with added background graphics, collect the dots and avoid ghosts.
Παίχθηκε: 161
Περιγραφή: Το Shanghai είναι μια ακόμη εκδοχή του γνωστού κινέζικου παιχνιδιού Mahjongg. Ταιριάξτε τα τουβλάκια για να να τα βγάλετε.
Παίχθηκε: 563
Περιγραφή: Play as George W. Bush and punch your opponent to get him out of the fight.
Παίχθηκε: 155
Περιγραφή: Classic break-out arkanoid game, use your two paddles to break bricks by bouncing the ball and keepi
Παίχθηκε: 186
Περιγραφή: Turn all the lights on the board out using the least amount of moves and time as possible
Παίχθηκε: 282
Περιγραφή: Convet people into pastafarians before the time runs out but don't make contact with school administ
Παίχθηκε: 217
Περιγραφή: Tiles that are connected with the target tile chosen will be turned and form a chain reaction.
Παίχθηκε: 186
Περιγραφή: Click and hold down on your guys to power up and fire snowballs at the enemies.
Παίχθηκε: 194
Περιγραφή: Remake of the classic game - Tetris
Παίχθηκε: 2,162
Περιγραφή: Tetris blocks blox type game position your pieces properly and let them drop to score as many lines
Παίχθηκε: 191
Περιγραφή: Answer questions about Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, Majora`s Mask, and others about Link, Ganon
Παίχθηκε: 185
Περιγραφή: Use the arrow keys to move the ball around but beware of gravity, walls, and shooting lasers.
Παίχθηκε: 167
Περιγραφή: Match the alphabet to become a word.
Παίχθηκε: 183
Περιγραφή: Use your beach ball to bounce off the colored pacmen and destroy them by landing on top of them.
Παίχθηκε: 186
Περιγραφή: Hangman clone that hand a Kangaroo instead
Παίχθηκε: 199
Περιγραφή: Whack-a-mole type game where you shoot aliens that pop out of craters and UFOs flying around.
Παίχθηκε: 220
Περιγραφή: Another matching game where you have to match pair of image to clear it from play
Παίχθηκε: 231
Περιγραφή: Slide the box to appropriate location
Παίχθηκε: 183
Περιγραφή: Modified type game of classic old school pong hit the ball with your paddle but make it curve to win
Παίχθηκε: 179
Περιγραφή: Spray down the approaching bugs using your deadly spray before they reach the flowers.
Παίχθηκε: 169
Περιγραφή: Snoopy Cilck is a game with its intention to test your memory capability.
Παίχθηκε: 209