Περιγραφή: A 6x6 memory game
Παίχθηκε: 427
Περιγραφή: Protect the centrifuge at the center by shooting the balls that approach. Click the mouse to shoot.
Παίχθηκε: 370
Περιγραφή: This is the normal reversi game. However, the graphic is 3D which make it unique
Παίχθηκε: 442
Περιγραφή: Click on the eggs to hatch the monsters
Παίχθηκε: 402
Περιγραφή: Classic arkanoid break out style arcade game, use your paddle to hit ball and breaks brick and gain
Παίχθηκε: 363
Περιγραφή: Drill as deep as possible in search for treasure and fame
Παίχθηκε: 436
Περιγραφή: Run with your spider and shoot down the bugs that are trying to steal your trees.
Παίχθηκε: 447
Περιγραφή: Clone of the popular classic tile based Shanghai
Παίχθηκε: 446
Περιγραφή: Very addictive puzzle game, great!The POW window is located on the right side of the screen,wait for the top red line to charge. When the POW is charged you will be granted a special bonus.
Παίχθηκε: 442
Περιγραφή: The objective of this game is to quickly align 3 or more of objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with your mouse.
Παίχθηκε: 457
Περιγραφή: Modified classic pong game use paddle to hit ball and shoot to move the ball with your fire.
Παίχθηκε: 468
Περιγραφή: Use the fan to make the balloon float and fly the dog to safety away from hazards.
Παίχθηκε: 394
Περιγραφή: A collection of several small games with green/black graphic
Παίχθηκε: 453
Περιγραφή: Fly through the tunnel as a virtua worm, collect diamonds for points, avoids bombs and other hazzard
Παίχθηκε: 428
Περιγραφή: Use the 3 available magnets i.e. regular, electro and polarity magnets to get the ball from the machine hand to the cup.
Παίχθηκε: 355
Περιγραφή: Hit the hack using your legs arms and head jump and dow spin kicks and other various tricks.
Παίχθηκε: 400
Περιγραφή: A Siman Say clone with nice graphic
Παίχθηκε: 346
Περιγραφή: Guide your box to the exit by using the arrow keys to move, and use the blocks to stop yourself.
Παίχθηκε: 392
Περιγραφή: Jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces - there is a nice animation if you complete the jigsaw
Παίχθηκε: 441
Περιγραφή: Fly over the grasslands as a bird, drop bones on the stones to break them and gain points.
Παίχθηκε: 395
Περιγραφή: Classic break out arkanoid style game with a pin ball machine twist.
Παίχθηκε: 419
Περιγραφή: Use the hippo to collect the scattered bombs, press space to make them extend and eat it like Hungry
Παίχθηκε: 341
Περιγραφή: Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center
Παίχθηκε: 505
Περιγραφή: Play hard rock tunes follow sequence of patterns to play along.
Παίχθηκε: 411
Περιγραφή: Choose the angle and power carefully to land safely. Bonus score with combos
Παίχθηκε: 354
Περιγραφή: Pick up the firefly and eat them, then breathe fire on the knights.
Παίχθηκε: 445
Περιγραφή: Collect the envelopes from distant areas using the post office hang glider.
Παίχθηκε: 380
Περιγραφή: Classic break-out arkanoid game, use your two paddles to break bricks by bouncing the ball and keepi
Παίχθηκε: 404
Περιγραφή: Turn all the lights on the board out using the least amount of moves and time as possible
Παίχθηκε: 538
Περιγραφή: Run around picking up bones as a skeleton but avoid being caught by the dogs.
Παίχθηκε: 399
Περιγραφή: Tiles that are connected with the target tile chosen will be turned and form a chain reaction.
Παίχθηκε: 472
Περιγραφή: Scramble up the pieces of this amazing picture of the grand canyon and put the pieces back together
Παίχθηκε: 414
Περιγραφή: Remake of the classic game - Tetris
Παίχθηκε: 2,403
Περιγραφή: Fly your jet fighter destroy alien space ship shoot your guns and use afterburner.
Παίχθηκε: 498
Περιγραφή: Click on bubbles to make them explode and change the neighbouring bubbles.
Παίχθηκε: 433
Περιγραφή: Fujin train Sinjid to fight the Fallen Army
Παίχθηκε: 429
Περιγραφή: King of Fighters style system use K and fight against K in this fighting demo.
Παίχθηκε: 469
Περιγραφή: Το Shanghai είναι μια ακόμη εκδοχή του γνωστού κινέζικου παιχνιδιού Mahjongg. Ταιριάξτε τα τουβλάκια για να να τα βγάλετε.
Παίχθηκε: 830
Περιγραφή: Spray water into the boy's mouth to fill him up.
Παίχθηκε: 480
Περιγραφή: Hangman clone that hand a Kangaroo instead
Παίχθηκε: 411
Περιγραφή: Classic arcanoid break out style game use your paddle and destroy the bricks with the ball.
Παίχθηκε: 436
Περιγραφή: Another matching game where you have to match pair of image to clear it from play
Παίχθηκε: 451
Περιγραφή: Slide the box to appropriate location
Παίχθηκε: 410
Περιγραφή: Shoot down birds using your gun and avoid the poop that drops down on you.
Παίχθηκε: 402
Περιγραφή: Spray down the approaching bugs using your deadly spray before they reach the flowers.
Παίχθηκε: 378
Περιγραφή: Snoopy Cilck is a game with its intention to test your memory capability.
Παίχθηκε: 431
Περιγραφή: Help Crush navigate his way through the EAC and collect as many baby tutles as possible.
Παίχθηκε: 475
Περιγραφή: Flash Chess
Παίχθηκε: 469
Περιγραφή: Eat aliens smaller than you but do not try eating bigger ones because they will eat you first eating
Παίχθηκε: 414
Περιγραφή: Use the arrow keys to move the ball around but beware of gravity, walls, and shooting lasers.
Παίχθηκε: 408