Περιγραφή: Pick up a dart by holding down the mouse button and let it go. Try and hit the beer can.
Παίχθηκε: 4,692
Περιγραφή: Remove tiles of the same colour from the conveyer belt
Παίχθηκε: 879
Περιγραφή: Use the head of a boy to smash the ball and break the blocks down.
Παίχθηκε: 955
Περιγραφή: Στο παιχνίδι αυτό πρέπει να ρυθμίσετε την κυκλοφορία των οχημάτων, ελέγχοντας τους φωτεινούς σηματοδότες. Κάνοντας κλικ πάνω τους αλλάζετε το φανάρι από πράσινο σε κόκκινο.
Παίχθηκε: 2,292
Περιγραφή: Guide your ball through corridors, against wind blowing fans, lasers and more to get to the exit.
Παίχθηκε: 927
Περιγραφή: Graphical adventure where your objective is to escape from jail
Παίχθηκε: 1,012
Περιγραφή: Use your mecha to spray bugs with different cans and protect the growing plant.
Παίχθηκε: 1,024
Περιγραφή: Collpase clone with bigger play area
Παίχθηκε: 988
Περιγραφή: The classic arcade game Bubble Bobble returns in this flash remake.
Παίχθηκε: 1,016
Περιγραφή: Fly your balloon across building but avoid the smog above.
Παίχθηκε: 981
Περιγραφή: This is a unique puzzle game
Παίχθηκε: 1,013
Περιγραφή: Fly around in your honey balloon and pick up pots shoot down bats and use turbo.
Παίχθηκε: 1,020
Περιγραφή: Clip all the tiles to the transparent side to clear the level
Παίχθηκε: 897
Περιγραφή: Swing across from one web to another while hitting down enemies to their doom.
Παίχθηκε: 978
Περιγραφή: Add the numbers up quickly for better score
Παίχθηκε: 1,259
Περιγραφή: Use the blocks to guide your saints down the corridors and to the exit door.
Παίχθηκε: 967
Περιγραφή: Travel through the castle, swing at enemies with your sword and block with your shield.
Παίχθηκε: 982
Περιγραφή: Real time strategy game that required a bit of reflex with lots of brain
Παίχθηκε: 880
Περιγραφή: Shoot down paratroopers and other soldiers in jets and helicopters before they land and destroy your
Παίχθηκε: 1,180
Περιγραφή: Another Simon Says game clone using 3D graphic
Παίχθηκε: 846
Περιγραφή: Use your Samurai sword to slice up enemies. Perform combo attacks, super moves, and use the insanely
Παίχθηκε: 991
Περιγραφή: Defeat the evil army of Komos and protect the historic land. There are over 30 moves and weapons.
Παίχθηκε: 900
Περιγραφή: Navigate your gyroball to the goal/exit-point without falling off the track. Steady hand is important to be successful in this game
Παίχθηκε: 980
Περιγραφή: Classic pong arcade style paddle and ball game, bounce the ball at the computer and score points.
Παίχθηκε: 1,126
Περιγραφή: A nice remake of the classic Simon Says game
Παίχθηκε: 985
Περιγραφή: Click on the eggs to hatch the monsters
Παίχθηκε: 946
Περιγραφή: Fly your little ship through the crazy tunnel and avoiding smashing into the walls and explopding.
Παίχθηκε: 908
Περιγραφή: Drill as deep as possible in search for treasure and fame
Παίχθηκε: 1,056
Περιγραφή: Run with your spider and shoot down the bugs that are trying to steal your trees.
Παίχθηκε: 1,064
Περιγραφή: Clone of the popular classic tile based Shanghai
Παίχθηκε: 1,000
Περιγραφή: Run through the levels while picking up items, avoiding enemies, going through teleporters and findi
Παίχθηκε: 915
Περιγραφή: The objective of this game is to quickly align 3 or more of objects horizontally or vertically by simply clicking with your mouse.
Παίχθηκε: 1,009
Περιγραφή: Rotate the pipes around and set them up so they connect from one to the end pipe before time runs ou
Παίχθηκε: 962
Περιγραφή: Use the fan to make the balloon float and fly the dog to safety away from hazards.
Παίχθηκε: 897
Περιγραφή: A collection of several small games with green/black graphic
Παίχθηκε: 956
Περιγραφή: Jump, duck and dive through through walls, and match the color of the gate before you pass through i
Παίχθηκε: 911
Περιγραφή: A 6x6 memory game
Παίχθηκε: 981
Περιγραφή: Use Crow Lancer's sword strike, fireball attack and combos to defeat deadly enemies.
Παίχθηκε: 980
Περιγραφή: This is the normal reversi game. However, the graphic is 3D which make it unique
Παίχθηκε: 987
Περιγραφή: Select a brand name can either coke or sprite and keep it up as long as possible
Παίχθηκε: 1,048
Περιγραφή: Jigsaw puzzle with 25 pieces - there is a nice animation if you complete the jigsaw
Παίχθηκε: 1,090
Περιγραφή: Fly over the grasslands as a bird, drop bones on the stones to break them and gain points.
Παίχθηκε: 902
Περιγραφή: Move the cars around and unblock your path home to your caring wife.
Παίχθηκε: 1,060
Περιγραφή: Use the hippo to collect the scattered bombs, press space to make them extend and eat it like Hungry
Παίχθηκε: 951
Περιγραφή: Rotate the connectors using your mouse and get the sparks into the center
Παίχθηκε: 1,230
Περιγραφή: Click on clusters of two gems or more to remove them before they reach the top.
Παίχθηκε: 1,055
Περιγραφή: Choose the angle and power carefully to land safely. Bonus score with combos
Παίχθηκε: 879
Περιγραφή: Collect the bombs before they explode.
Παίχθηκε: 1,045
Περιγραφή: Collect the envelopes from distant areas using the post office hang glider.
Παίχθηκε: 991
Περιγραφή: Use the 3 available magnets i.e. regular, electro and polarity magnets to get the ball from the machine hand to the cup.
Παίχθηκε: 968